Why Are The Rich Buying Properties In Dubai?

Why Are The Rich Buying Properties In Dubai?

More and more celebrities, high-profile athletes, millionaires, and basically just generally wealthy people are buying or have already purchased properties in Dubai. This begs us to ask the question, “why do the rich love Dubai so much?”. What draws them to this city? And, what makes them love the city so much that they actually buy properties in Dubai?

Well, one reason these people want to buy property in Dubai is because it is a very safe place to live. If you’re a wealthy and high-profile person, security is paramount to you. Dubai is one of the safest places on earth. Crimes life theft, assault, and robbery are almost non-existent. People can actually leave the doors in their houses unlocked and park their luxury cars in public without locking it, and they wouldn’t even have to be concern about their own safety or the safety of their belongings. It’s almost absolutely guaranteed that your car won’t go missing. Law enforcement in really respected and followed in Dubai. The government also ensures that their law enforcement is equipped to keep public peace and safety. They value people’s safety so much that they spent millions of dollars to provide fast luxury cars for their police for, so that the police would be able to keep up with the high-end sports cars that their citizens drive.

To buy property in Dubai is actually a very smart and strategic move if you travel a lot, like most rich people do. This is because if you live in Dubai, you are literally at the center of the world (at least based on the map). You are in the middle of Asia and Europe so both continents are relatively close. It is also a smart move if you’re looking to start a business or expand your business. This is because in Dubai, you don’t have to pay income tax. Whatever profit you make, you get to bring the whole amount home with you. Dubai has a free enterprise system which means that, as long as you abide by the law of the land, the government doesn’t get that much involved. This is why Dubai has become a haven for business people and entrepreneurs.


There is also constant development in Dubai. There is always new and innovative infrastructures being built, So if you’re an entrepreneur who needs workers, you don’t have to worry about finding them because they themselves come to Dubai to find jobs. The financial sector in Dubai is booming because of the city’s openness to change and innovation. Another great thing about doing business in this city is the kind of network you can build. When you live in Dubai, you live in a world full of foreigners. Everywhere you look there is a person of a different race and a different nationality. Dubai’s population is so culturally diverse because of the amount of expats, particularly young professionals, who are opting to migrate there.


With all the great things that it has to offer, it’s no wonder the rich are so keen on buying properties in Dubai. If you think that Dubai would be a good fit for you, we’d like to help you find a home there. We at EDRAJ Real Estate Brokers are dedicated to find you the best home with the best deal. We can show you all the best villas for sale in Dubai, if that’s what you’re after. Otherwise, we could show you all the apartments for sale in Dubai; whatever fits you best! Our team of agents is always ready to help you; you can connect to them directly. You don’t even need to set an appointment. We also have powerful and advanced filters that will help fine-tune your search for properties in Dubai on our website. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll make sure you find it!

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