Why Dubai Should Be Your New Home Away From Home

Why Dubai Should Be Your New Home
Why Dubai Should Be Your New Home
Why Dubai Should Be Your New Home

Did you know that majority of the population of the young professionals in Dubai are actually expats? People from all over the world come to Dubai to work, start businesses, or to simply start a new life. There are so many countries on this planet, and there are even more cities in the world who welcome immigrant workers with open arms. So, why are people flocking to go to Dubai? Countless business people, entrepreneurs, and investors are now looking for properties in Dubai. There are actually a number of reasons why Dubai is such an amazing place to live.

If you love adventure and just having fun, you’re going to love Dubai. It’s a city where you will never run out of things to do. There is also a variety of very different activities that people can do when they live in Dubai. You can watch the sunset on the beaches of Dubai whilst riding a camel. You can cool off in the hot afternoon indoor skiing. Ride down the slopes of snow, forgetting that just a car ride away is a desert where you can ride your 4×4 car up and down the sand dunes. If you’re not really an outdoorsy kind of person, Dubai still has a lot to offer you. Dubai is actually the home of the world’s largest mall, the Dubai Mall. With its 3.77 million square footage you can, quite literally, shop ’til you drop. The Dubai Mall is not only filled with endless rows of different shops; from couture and designer brands, to more mass-friendly stores, but it is also quite beautiful inside. In keeping with the theme of the entire city, the Dubai Mall has beautiful architecture both inside and out.


Dubai also offers countless high-class restaurants with food that are to-die-for. The amount of kinds of cuisine that you can find is unimaginable. Whatever kind of cuisine you’re craving, Dubai probably has it. And, the prices are usually so diverse that there is a restaurant for everyone. The night life in Dubai is also fantastic. If there are a lot of restaurants, the are also so many bars and clubs to choose from. Not only that, but there is always and event to go to within the city if you really love the night life. People who live in Dubai never get bored because of this.

The lives of people from Dubai are truly glamorous ones. Having an extravagant lifestyle is the norm in this highly innovative business sector in the UAE. They have it all. From lavish cars, to designer stores, to breath-taking infrastructure, Dubai is like a haven for expats who crave a lifestyle filled with leisure. Most people don’t know that Dubai is actually embraces art, music, and film. Aside from events around the city like beach parties or club parties, there are also actually festivals. These festivals can vary in theme. Some festivals focus on music, bands and artists play. Some festivals are about film. Religion is still very ingrained in Dubai’s culture but this does not stand in the way of its people’s creativity and love for the arts.

Another reason why foreigners should buy property in Dubai is because the city just loves expats! Like mentioned early, majority of the people who live in Dubai weren’t actually born there. Rather, they transferred from their home country to live in this city. This is why being a foreigner in the city of Dubai won’t make you feel like a fish out of water. Dubai is a melting-pot of so many cultures. People from all over the world come to this city. There are Asians, Europeans, Australians, North Americans, and from so many other parts of the world. When you live in Dubai, you will not only learn about Arabic culture but you will also learn about the culture of people around you. And, because this city is just so diverse, everyone speaks English. You wouldn’t have to worry about the language barrier because everyone just meets in the middle.

Lastly, Dubai is one of the best places on earth to live in because of it’s government system. Did you know that Dubai is a tax-free city? That’s right! When you work in Dubai, you don’t have to pay income tax, you can just take it all home with you and spend it the way you want to. Dubai is also very safe for its citizens. There is almost zero crime. You can leave your luxury car unlocked and not even worry about it being stolen. That’s how much people obey the law in Dubai!

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