Cost of living in Dubai

cost of living in Dubai

Is the cost of living in Dubai is expensive or cheap?

The answer would be tricky and can be both either Yes or No because it depends on your place where you are currently residing in. In order to know whether the cost of living in Dubai is cheap or costly, it completely depends on your matter of perception. In your country, if the costs are higher when compared to the ones in Dubai, then it is quite cheaper to live in Dubai and vice versa too.

If you have planned to move to Dubai and settle in Dubai, the estimation on living costs in the city is big question that has to be answered and cleared before your move. You should assure yourself that your employment in Dubai can meet all your expenses in Dubai. Again the question comes here whether you are moving alone or with a family. Make sure of your pay and the expenses for living in Dubai. Your pay and expenses couldn’t be equal and your pay must be able to cover few extras and sudden expenditure too.

  • Employment:

There is no compulsory range for your salary to live in Dubai. You must be very specific about your pay with your employer. It is very important to be cautious and skillful during interviews. It is quite natural that a sales executive may get the less salary compared to a normal secretary. Two co-workers doing the same work could be earning differently. This all depends on the better negotiation you could do during Interviews. You must sell yourself at the maximum as per your qualifications with the best possible price.

  • Housing:

Your accommodation is the major one that requires serious concern towards it as it constitutes the major portion of your expenditure. As real estate in Dubai is a thriving business, the cost of residential properties in Dubai has grown considerably during the past years with the need for new commercial trades and due to inflow of more workers from outside to Dubai. The living houses or villas have become limited due to the raise in the cost of rent. The rent of Villas in Dubai also depends on the type of area and locality in the city whether it is far from the city or the central hub. The rent for residencies would be lesser compared to the ones in the mid of the city.

  • Transportation:

The smooth running of roadway transportation system in Dubai made public to have a safe and hassle-free travel in and around city. The count of daily passengers is increasing day by day. The main cross roads and thoroughfares have become extremely rush and hence will be very difficult to make turns too especially during working and peak hours.

  • Food Stuff:

However, the worry on food could be far less compared to all other expenses. Inspite of inflation, the food items are cheaper compared to other countries. Moreover, all types of foods related to different countries can be easily found in Dubai. We can found an American dish along with traditional Indian Cuisines. All types of wage laborers can afford the food expenses in Dubai all the time.

Finally, Dubai has become a spot for an overall cost of living index. In terms of hardship relative people, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are considered as minimal hardship locations.

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