living Happy in Dubai

living happy in dubai

Mandates and considerations to make your living Happy in Dubai

Very few cities are growing as fast as Dubai in the world. living happy in Dubai is well recognized as the best city for low tax environment and matchless lifestyle. It is the only city with continuous growing economy and has quickly developed into one of the leading cities in the world. The current trend has changed the earlier scenario in Dubai.

Many technology startups took initiation in their businesses in Dubai which include eCommerce. Many corporation offices with latest aspects have been established in Dubai now including Digital marketing services and technology strategies. Before taking the decision of getting settled in Dubai, one must know few things under consideration. Few of them are given below.

  • Education:Dubai is full of quality and good education centers with all the required amenities following a perfect curriculum.


  • Health Expenditure: It is mandatory to have a medical Insurance for each and every employee being provided by a Employer. There is a continuous growth and self awareness in taking medical insurance among the people in Dubai.


  • Language and Customs: Since, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, there are no borders or restrictions for a particular language and custom. People can find their natives easily in Dubai thereby making you free to communicate among one another.


  • Money Transfer:The transfer of money from Dubai to your country doesn’t make much difference as it won’t spare you for income tax pay. Only the minimum transfer fee has to be paid and the fee depends in turn on the type of your account and bank.


  • Protection:Dubai is one of the most secure cities known so far in the world. Women security and safety is also more concerned and so they can move freely during night times too which might be a part of their employment or any other. Women will be respected utmost in Dubai.


  • Residencies: There are many options available for housing in Dubai. You can find a flat for rent in Dubai. One upon constant pay and employment in Dubai can find apartments for sale in Dubai and can plan to own it.
    • You can buy apartment in Dubai with comfort space and affordable rates. Depending on the area and locality, Dubai homes are of with different pricing and rentals. As Dubai is the best place to invest, you can buy a property in Dubai.


  • Shopping: Dubai has various shopping malls and attractive stalls. Many super markets with complete availability of International products, groceries and home furnishings can be seen. It is very easy for a new comer to get their native food stuff in Dubai. Dragon Mart is well known and very big mall with almost 4000 shops providing many and many products that are of cheap and best.


  • Victuals and Eating:Dubai is an excellent place for food lovers. Quick service and quality along with tasty dishes can be enjoyed by the foodies. Right from the USA Starbucks to the Indian traditional Udipis can also be seen in Dubai. All major cuisines can be enjoyed.

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