Working in Dubai

working in Dubai

Working environment and the respective labor laws in Dubai

Dubai has materialized as one of the leading Cities in the world for its International Businesses and regional hubs. Dubai has state-of-art infrastructure and a world class professional environment and hence has become the fast principal location to perform various businesses in the middle-east so everyone enjoys working in Dubai. As per the statistics of March 2017, with a population of 2.7 million, Dubai is continuously increasing about 5% of the count of people willing to work and have fun in Dubai.


Working Dubai lifestyle is simple and flexible too.

If you are one among thriving to get a job and work in Dubai, you have to be thorough and should have the complete knowledge on mode of working conditions, flexibilities, rules and regulations and labor laws that are applicable in Dubai. Suppose if you are the accompanying person to your spouse and a graduate holder, then it could be very easy to get employment in Dubai and do whatever you want as Dubai lacks the quality individuals being involved in Workforce.


If you are from western country, then you will be surprised to see the working conditions in Dubai. They are of staff-friendly. You will be amazed to see the cheaper labour from Asia and Eastern Europe including many trade options. They include construction workers, plumbers, waiters, etc. An employee willing to work in Dubai has to consider many points and need to be aware of the labor laws in detail. Once an agreement if made between you and your employer, he is responsible for sponsoring you in acquiring residence visa. You must be made free of all required health tests by giving your blood sample and should assure that you are carrying none of the infectious diseases. If you show any indications of disease causing agents, you will be rejected.


You should also decide the mode of your accommodation whether you want to live in a villa, flat or on shared basis, whether you require a loan for purchasing vehicle or do u require subscriptions and assurances for getting mobile or a liquor license.



Labor Law:

The employer-employee relations are governed as per the law of UAE with Law No. 8 of 1980, as amended by law No 12 of 1986. The relations termed include working hours, termination rights, medical insurance and benefits, flexibility in work mode, etc. This law is for protection of employees.


For a private sector, the maximum hours of work is eight hours per day officially or 48 hours per six days a week. There are 10 hours per day for five days a week is also seen without paying extra amount. As per the public sector determined in September 2006, Thursday/Friday to Friday/Saturday is declared as official weekend. Government has also posted a new draft on Labor law and has waited for public comment. Human rights watch has submitted a 15-page report discussing the draft law’s deficiencies.

Flexibility in the work place:

It is true to some extent that most of the people seek for quality life, shorter working hours, high pay, great tax-free pay and balance in work/life. It is definite when entertainment and leisure is considered as many perceptions differ markedly from reality. A stable Government can be seen in Dubai. It is the safest place with reduced crime rate.

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