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Dubai is the place considered as Central Hub for many International Businesses and trades. It is the city present in between the highly advanced western culture and the Indian Culture. Most of people from India prefer to migrate to Dubai to become professional pioneers and to earn more. Most of them include professionals who are hired in traditional working sectors like Banking, finance and establishment. For the people who want to reside in Dubai need to consider the below said things.

  • Concern to avoid Penalties: Dubai Government in strict in imposing laws and implementing them. This strictness is what keeping the city tidy and safe where littering or spitting may lead people to fall in trouble as for certain respective laws will be applied and penalized.


  • Four wheeler Vehicles: The travel by roadways is completely stress-free as the roads in Dubai are awesome and perfect for driving. This made Dubai a great city for owning vehicles and cars. It is even easy and simple to get a pre-owned car with very reasonable rate. And of course, the known fact is that Fuel is of very less cost there. It is very simple to buy property in Dubai.


  • Fun and Amusement: With various options of night-out parties, star restaurants, theaters filled with Hollywood celebrities and many clubs inviting exciting enjoyments, Dubai will be always in welcoming mode. In spite of the known myth that alcohol is ceased in Dubai, you can find them in hotels, clubs or restaurants. Dubai is also well known for its clear attitude towards drugs and narcotics and hence one should be careful in avoiding doing such naughty things which may finally end up you in trouble.


  • Living prices: If you are being migrated alone, the expenses for your living are different depending on the type of apartments in Dubai. But, if you are about to shift along with your family then, the expenses may vary. Have a complete idea practically to live an upper-middle class life. All your expenses will include your residence rent, water, fuel costs, telecommunication tariffs, food stuff and other groceries. However, maid can be easily hired for your family as the manpower charges are low compared to the property for rent in Dubai.


  • Outfits: Among all other Emirate Countries, Dubai is highly developed like even Women were not instructed to wear a Burqa while coming out. Women can be seen in modern clothing like in jeans, skirts, etc.


  • Transferring: Since Dubai has an excellent infrastructure for being connecting to the neighboring countries, many of the people who work in Dubai will give preference to reside in places that have relatively cheap rents like Sharjah, etc. Public transport facilitation is quite advanced and good. The world’s longest metro network which is fully automated is recorded in Dubai. Hiring taxis and cars is also simple and trendy in Dubai. However, hailing a cab is expensive and hence the stress-free public transport can be preferred by the new comers of the city.


  • Travel via plane: Trip to Dubai is as equal as the trips done in between cities of a same country. They are almost similar to domestic flights. It is very nearest place to Indian sub continent. Indians can thoroughly move to and fro just like the cities Mumbai and Hyderabad within India. And even return-ticket will also be offered by most of the companies to their employees.


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